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Continuous Integration

We support exporting test cases and test collections to Apidog CLI, Postman, and JMeter format for continuous integration.

1. Apidog CLI

Apidog CLI is Apidog's command line tool designed for continuous integration. Apidog supports running with real-time data and exported data .

Install Apidog Cli

You can use the command below to install Apidog CLI.

npm install -g apidog-cli

Running with real-time data

Go to the test case or test collection page, click on continuous integration, copy the generated command, and run it in command line.

apidog run http://xxx/api/v1/api-test/ci-config/xxxx/detail?token=xxxx -r html,cli

Running with exported data

Export to Apidog CLI format in Apidog test case or test collection page.

Run the following command:

apidog run examples/sample.apidog-cli.json -r cli,html

Test Report

The test report will be saved to the apidog-reports under the current directory.

View documentation for Apidog CLI here.

2.Newman Method (Postman)

View instruction for Web API continuous integration for Postman + Newman + Jenkins here.

3.JMeter Method

Exporting to JMeter format is usually used for performance tests, but you can also use it for continuous integration. View performance test and continuous integration for Jmeter + Jenkins here.

Please be aware that:

JMeter does not support JS scripts. Therefore, exporting to JMeter format from Apidog does not include preprocessor and postprocessor scripts.

We will incorporate API return data extraction and assertion into API configuration so that the exported data will be JMeter compatible.